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Supplier information

TAFE Queensland purchases a broad ranges of goods and services and it relies on its suppliers to competitively and consistently deliver beneficial outcomes.

Current supply arrangements and contracts

TAFE Queensland uses the whole of Queensland Government supply agreements as well has having its own supply contracts in place. But there are always opportunities for other suppliers, to supply to TAFE Queensland.

How TAFE Queensland does business with suppliers

To supply to TAFE Queensland you need to meet certain criteria and depending on the type of goods and services being supplied, you will need appropriate qualifications, permits, insurance and a minimum level of proven experience.

If you already supply goods or service to TAFE Queensland, you'll be familiar with TAFE Queensland's Basic Purchasing Conditions for Purchase Orders and our policies and procedures.

If you would like to become a supplier, please read our Basic Purchasing Conditions and policies and procedures to learn more about TAFE Queensland's approach to doing business with suppliers.

Terms and Conditions

Basic Purchasing Conditions (PDF, 333KB)


Queensland Procurement Policy

Work Health and Safety

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service

Tender opportunities

TAFE Queensland invites and manage its tenders using the Queensland Government's QTenders system. Look for 'TAFE Queensland' in the "Issued By:" field on the QTenders website.

Contact TAFE Queensland's Procurement Team

If you would like to supply goods or service to TAFE Queensland please contact us today.