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5. Admissions and enrolment

What You Need to Know

Student Admissions Information:

TAFE Queensland provides full admission and enrolment information and advice to students via the TAFE Queensland website.

Information is also available through student guides, course guides, and Student Services/Customer Services areas.


Student Admissions Criteria:

When applying for admission with TAFE Queensland you will need to understand the conditions of admission and enrolment, including:

  • Course specific eligibility criteria; and
  • Study load criteria. For vocational education and training students this includes:
    • Concurrent admission in two or more courses may be permitted, except where TAFE Queensland determines that the total study load would impact your ability to successfully complete your studies;
    • Repeat admissions into the same unit is not permitted, where competency has previously been achieved. The only exception is cases where periodic renewal of a competency is required (e.g. First Aid/CPR).


Student Admission Methods:

You can apply for admission to TAFE Queensland through a number of methods. Refer to the How to Apply section of the TAFE Queensland website for more information.

When applying for admission with TAFE Queensland, you will need to provide all required evidence to support your application. You will need to:

  • Provide all required personal information and eligibility documentation;
  • Undertake any required testing to meet the program entry requirements;
  • Meet your financial obligations, including up-front payment, deferred payment through a student loan or TAFE Queensland Payment Plan, by the specified timeframes;
  • Notify TAFE Queensland if you have any special requirements and/or require any reasonable adjustments to meet your needs;
  • Meet any specific additional legislative or health and safety requirements, for example obtaining proof of immunisation, undertaking screening for infectious diseases, applying for a Blue Card, or undergoing a Police and criminal history check (as required); and
  • Provide TAFE Queensland with your Unique Student Identifier (USI), or provide permission for TAFE Queensland to apply for a USI on your behalf. It is a requirement that you provide your USI to be enrolled and issued with an award and graduate.


Please note: Student admission applications will not be processed for students who have:

  • Outstanding fees or previously written off fees, until the fees are paid; and
  • A status of suspended, excluded, consolidated, or deceased on their student account.


TAFE Queensland cannot guarantee a position in a course unless you are enrolled by the specified date.

You are not permitted to attend classes until you are enrolled.


Course Allocations:

If TAFE Queensland has exceeded its course capacity, you will be contacted to be offered:

  • To be placed on a waiting list for the next available offering;
  • Alternative arrangements, e.g. a different course, campus location, or mode of delivery; or
  • To be provided a refund of your student fees.


Cancellation of Courses:

TAFE Queensland reserves the right to cancel courses, for example, in cases of insufficient enrolment numbers. Alternative arrangements will be discussed with you to ensure you are enrolled in a suitable alternative course.

If the course you are undertaking is superseded or deleted TAFE Queensland will consult with you about your study options. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to transition to (i.e. re-enrol in) the most current qualification. If you are required to transition to a new qualification you will be consulted about any change in enrolment, and any differences in fees and completion dates. If you are required to undertake gap training or additional training to transition to the new qualification additional fees may apply.


Unsuccessful Admission Applications:

For domestic vocational education and training students, if you are unsuccessful in your student admission application, TAFE Queensland will discuss with you alternative study/pathway options.


Reviews of Student Admissions Decisions:

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your student admission application, for domestic vocational education and training students TAFE Queensland will provide you with the option of requesting an internal review. Your internal review request must be made in writing to the regional General Manager within 20 business days of the original decision. 

TAFE Queensland will provide written notice of the internal review decision within 20 business days of the internal review request being received.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the internal review you may request an external appeal via the Queensland Ombudsman.


Further Information:

For further information, please visit the How to Apply section of the TAFE Queensland website.

Withdrawals and changes of enrolment

What You Need to Know

If you wish to withdraw from a unit or course,  competency or program of study or make any changes to your enrolment, you must apply to TAFE Queensland using the Enquire Now form (selecting withdrawing from or changing my course).

If you are under the age of 18 you will require authorisation from your parent/guardian to withdraw or undertake a change of enrolment.

If you withdraw from course or part of a course and are seeking to enrol in another part of that course, TAFE Queensland will work with you to ensure that you understand the impacts of your withdrawal on your enrolment in other parts of the course, including your eligibility and impacts on your study plan.

If you withdraw from a course or part of a course TAFE Queensland will not, after the withdrawal, enrol you in a course or a part of a course without your written permission.

Further Information:

For information on the student refund rules for withdrawals and changes of enrolment refer to the Student Refunds page.

International student withdrawals and changes of enrolment are addressed under the International page.

Further information on VET Student Loans withdrawals and changes of enrolment are addressed under the FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans page.