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'Thirteen' a lucky number

Thirteen years, six comprehensively trained carpenters and three current apprentices - Paynters and TAFE Queensland are honouring their 13th year of a training partnership with a reflection of why it works so well.


Construction company Paynters entrusts TAFE Queensland to train their carpentry apprentices – and have been doing so for 13 years. Flexibility in training delivery and contemporary training provided by passionate TAFE Queensland teachers underpin the partnership’s success. TAFE Queensland’s world-class training facilities, tools, and equipment validate its ‘industry-leader’ reputation



Paynters is an Australian-owned and operated construction company that has been delivering high quality and award-winning buildings across the health and aged care, community, hospitality, education, insurance, defence and industrial sectors, for 62 years.



“Commercial construction can be difficult to pre-plan and there are situations when it is imperative to have an apprentice onsite to learn skills first-hand,” Paynters General Manager Brett Johnston notes. "Other service providers can be very reluctant to accommodate the same level of flexibility in their training environments,” Mr Johnston confirmed.


Paynters and TAFE Queensland apprentices complete their carpentry training through intensive two-week block training at TAFE Queensland Acacia Ridge and Bracken Ridge campuses, onsite, and on-demand. Thus, providing complete flexibility and complementing Paynters’ ongoing projects.

“The training facilities are world class. They – TAFE Queensland – are industry leaders, with their training environments, equipment and tools reflecting industry standard and contemporary practice,” Paynters’ General Manager Brett Johnston said.


To date, six Paynters’ apprentices have completed their carpentry qualification through TAFE Queensland, and three are currently undergoing their apprenticeship training.

Students are also very satisfied with their TAFE Queensland-delivered apprenticeships. Fourth-year apprentice Nick Duffy offers; “My TAFE training has given me the right skills and knowledge to be able to work effectively in the industry by having the right problem solving and communication skills to tackle the many and varied tasks I come across onsite.”

“The majority of the TAFE teachers have 25 years’ (or more) industry experience, which allows them to provide very high quality and best-practice training for all students,” Mr Duffy said.

Future plans

The Paynters/TAFE Queensland partnership is one that has clearly flourished, chiefly owing to flexibility and is underpinned by TAFE Queensland’s contemporary training methods.

Whilst a ‘thirteenth anniversary’ marriage gift is usually lace, or in modern times – textiles, both offerings obviously hold little relevance in the construction industry. TAFE Queensland however promises to continue to deliver Paynters the most current, comprehensive, flexible and passionate training to its current and future cohort of carpentry apprentices. Unequivocally the best ‘souvenir’ to all.

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